Lazy-o Paleo Lunch: “Tuna Salad”

Well! My first day of the Whole30 Challenge has gone OK!

At lunch time, I opened my fridge and noticed some nice bags of organic salad blend I’d recently snagged on a sale at Fresh and Easy. But…

Here’s an official list of what NOT to eat on the Whole30. I couldn’t find a salad dressing in my fridge that complied. I thought I had one for a minute — no added sugar, all organic pronounceable ingredients — but a tiny amount of “organic alcohol.” No alcohol allowed, not even as an ingredient.

So, for lunch I invented “Paleo Tuna Salad”:


The recipe:

1) Take however much you like of a ready-to-eat salad blend of your choice, such as:


2) Open a can of tuna.
3) Drain the can of tuna.
4) Scoop the tuna out on top of your lettuce.

That’s it! No dressing. No mayo.
Feel free to add other fresh veggies of small sizes if you have them handy (I didn’t).

Ta-da! I was really surprised by how tasty it actually was. I will probably enjoy it again this month.

That said — I recommend it as a side item rather than as a main course. By the end… well… that was a bit much in-yo’-face tuna.


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