Egg Drop Soup with Spinach

On my Day Two, I learned a couple important things about Whole30.

1) If, let’s just say for example, you’re doing great on keeping to the Whole30, and have even done a great job navigating lunch at a friend’s house while keeping to Whole30, when your youngster shoves part of a cookie into your mouth when you’re not paying attention, not all is lost!

How did I learn that? Because sometime in the afternoon on Day Two, I started to notice I had a bit of a headache. I Googled “Whole30 headache” and, voila! It means you’re on the right track.

2) The second thing I learned: corn is considered a grain for the purposes of the Whole30. No corn for you!

That one put me in a bit of a pickle (are pickles allowed? I can’t stand ’em, so I don’t know). My go-to quickie meal is soup, and my go-to vegetable for the soup is a can of corn. I keep a case of them in my garage.

So… I made something new! 🙂 This tasty and satisfying recipe had plenty of leftovers and fed me for much of Days 2 and 3. I opted to add chicken to my bowl instead of to the soup itself because I don’t want to eat chicken for every meal — yikes!

Egg Drop Soup with Spinach


Serves 4.


32 oz. (2 cartons) chicken stock or broth
6 eggs
3/4 cup frozen spinach
Chicken as desired


1) Heat chicken stock to boiling.

2) Whisk eggs together in a bowl. When the chicken stock is boiling, slowly trickle the egg into the chicken stock. (Or, if you’re really lazy like I was, crack your eggs directly over your soup and carefully trickle them in as best you can. You may get some tasty yolk balls like I did. BIG egg drops.) The egg will cook in the stock.

3) Add the spinach. Cook five minutes, or until the eggs are thoroughly cooked and the spinach is hot.

4) If desired, add some leftover chicken to your bowl, then ladle in some of your tasty soup.


Dinner: Chicken (Crock) Pot (Crustless) Pie

I got a huge pack of chicken for a great price. I tore the package open, dumped it unceremoniously into a crock pot, added a couple inches of chicken stock, and set it to cook on low all day long.


This action was Lazeo (“lazy-o”) foresight at its best.

1) Crock pots are very easy to use.
2) Crock pots are very easy to clean.
3) I can cook everything at once. Less than a minute of prep time, and I have cooked chicken to last me for days!
4) Crock pots are foolproof. Tender, juicy, perfect chicken. No burning. No drying. Just perfection. Perfect like this blog.
5) The chicken I bought was so cheap-o because it came with bones and skin and all such grisly things. In a crock pot, all of that just falls away. It’s so easy.

So, this evening, I let my daughter occupy herself with the leftover spaghetti that is not Whole30-approved,


got out some tongs, and gently lifted some of my perfect chicken out of the crock pot and into my dinner bowl. Then I ladled three scoops of the chicken stock into my bowl — enough to make it “saucy” without turning it into soup.

Then I rifled through the freezer, pausing a few times to cower as things collapsed all over me. I found some veggies that matched my hankering for some chicken pot pie:


and, not having quite enough of that perfect foresight to put the veggies right in the crock pot with the chicken, I steamed the whole bag:


then poured it into my bowl and stirred it around. Voila!


VERY tasty, VERY easy, SUPER satisfying.

Chicken (Crock) Pot (Crustless) Pie

Chicken, cooked in crock pot (as much as you can fit, leftovers are a plus for Lazeo Paleo)
Chicken stock or broth — enough to cover the bottom of the crock pot about two inches deep
16 oz. Paleo-friendly vegetable blend (no legumes allowed)

Place all your chicken into the crock pot. Add the chicken broth, and set to cook on low for six hours.

When you are almost ready to eat, start steaming the vegetable blend.

When the chicken is finished cooking and you are ready to eat, use tongs to take chicken shreds from the crock pot directly into your bowl. Ladle enough of the chicken stock into your bowl to cover the bottom of the bowl about 1/2 inch deep.

Stir in your steamed vegetables.