Green, Eggs, and Ham

Good news, everybody! I am definitely getting better at cooking scrambled eggs.

Here is another recipe for scrambled eggs with some goodies mixed in. I like to call it…

Green, Eggs, and Ham

(The eggs are not green. Note the comma.)

photo (17)




approx. 1 tablespoon olive oil
4 eggs
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/2 an avocado, diced
approx. 1 ounce ham, diced


1) Coat bottom of a non-stick pan with olive oil.

2) In a separate bowl, whisk together 4 eggs with 1/4 cup coconut milk. Pour into pan, over medium-high heat.

3) Add 1/2 an avocado, diced. (Slightly firm avocados will be fine in this recipe.) Add ham.

4) When the eggs are bubbly, flip the eggs over. Bubbly eggs are fluffy eggs. 🙂 Don’t worry about flipping all the eggs in one piece, these are supposed to be scrambled eggs!

5) When the eggs are cooked through, put onto a small plate and enjoy. 🙂


Breakfast: The Amazing Technicolor Dream Eggs

Ahh, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. And on Paleo, the most baffling.

The day before I jumped into the Whole30, a Paleo expert made a guest appearance on Dr. Oz. She recommended just eating your leftovers for breakfast.

Are you kidding me? Are you really freakin’ kidding me? Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I wake up ravenous for it. So many amazing breakfast foods… I daydream about them. I might night-dream about them for all I know. My little pet fantasy ambition, besides opening a gourmet cupcake shop, is to open a pancake house, for Pete’s sake.

I won’t go into detail about these breakfast food fantasies. It wouldn’t be fair to you, fair reader, if you are trying to stay true to Paleo ways.

But eggs are Whole30-friendly.

It’s too bad that of all those yummy breakfast foods — nope, I never wanted eggs. Nor bacon. Sausage, sure, but not with good conscience. Being relegated to these potential Whole30 breakfast winners means I am a Whole30 breakfast loser.


Our eyes met from across the refrigerator. A come-hither stare. A little taste of intrigue. Flirtation. And then we have…


(All in capital letters because I never thought it would be possible.)



4 eggs
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup frozen tri-color pepper blend
1/2 a cooked sweet potato (I used an organic microwave-ready sweet potato — eeeeeeasy!)


1) In a medium bowl, whisk together four eggs and 1/4 cup coconut milk, until the ingredients are all a uniform pale yellow color.

2) Pour them into a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.

3) Add 1/4 cup frozen tri-color pepper blend.

4) Use a silicone spatula to flip over bits of egg until all the egg is cooked through (scrambled).

5) When the eggs are cooked through, dice your 1/2 cooked sweet potato and mix in with the eggs.

6) Say, “GET IN MY BELLY!” and nom that stuff up!




I gave the other half of my sweet potato to my daughter.
She made “yucky” faces for the first couple bites I fed her.
Then she took her spoon, turned it around, fed me a bite, then said “Mmmmm!”
I adore that charming little stinker.

Egg Drop Soup with Spinach

On my Day Two, I learned a couple important things about Whole30.

1) If, let’s just say for example, you’re doing great on keeping to the Whole30, and have even done a great job navigating lunch at a friend’s house while keeping to Whole30, when your youngster shoves part of a cookie into your mouth when you’re not paying attention, not all is lost!

How did I learn that? Because sometime in the afternoon on Day Two, I started to notice I had a bit of a headache. I Googled “Whole30 headache” and, voila! It means you’re on the right track.

2) The second thing I learned: corn is considered a grain for the purposes of the Whole30. No corn for you!

That one put me in a bit of a pickle (are pickles allowed? I can’t stand ’em, so I don’t know). My go-to quickie meal is soup, and my go-to vegetable for the soup is a can of corn. I keep a case of them in my garage.

So… I made something new! 🙂 This tasty and satisfying recipe had plenty of leftovers and fed me for much of Days 2 and 3. I opted to add chicken to my bowl instead of to the soup itself because I don’t want to eat chicken for every meal — yikes!

Egg Drop Soup with Spinach


Serves 4.


32 oz. (2 cartons) chicken stock or broth
6 eggs
3/4 cup frozen spinach
Chicken as desired


1) Heat chicken stock to boiling.

2) Whisk eggs together in a bowl. When the chicken stock is boiling, slowly trickle the egg into the chicken stock. (Or, if you’re really lazy like I was, crack your eggs directly over your soup and carefully trickle them in as best you can. You may get some tasty yolk balls like I did. BIG egg drops.) The egg will cook in the stock.

3) Add the spinach. Cook five minutes, or until the eggs are thoroughly cooked and the spinach is hot.

4) If desired, add some leftover chicken to your bowl, then ladle in some of your tasty soup.

The Kickoff!

This morning I clung to my bed after a cumulative nine or so hours of sleep. My entire being clung just as tightly to the vain hope that my toddler would stop crying for me to get her out of her crib and feed her already.

Reality won out. I got up. I fed the baby. And the reality of my situation hit me, too: I’m too sluggish, too tired. And too often I use being tired as an excuse for my moodiness. But what’s my excuse for feeling so tired? I cannot wait one more day to start the Whole30 to cleanse and heal my body!

For the last week or so, I’ve been committed to starting the Whole30 at some point in the future to be determined. I made a delicious Whole30-approved dinner one night (substituting the vegetable recipe linked to “dinner” with a bag of pre-chopped frozen veggies at the last minute — Lazeo Paleo). I’ve been only buying Whole30-approved groceries. I appraised everything I ate to determine if it was probably Whole30-friendly or not.

Mostly… not.

Breakfast: organic whole-wheat-with-flaxseed bread with natural peanut butter and a tall glass of skim milk.
No bread. No peanut butter. No milk.
Oatmeal? Nope.
Raisin bran? Nope.
String cheese? Nope.
Smoothies? No milk allowed. I made a smoothie with green tea to try it out and it was not this taster’s best choice.

But this morning I scooped up the kiddo, the sales flyers, and the official Whole30 shopping list and went on a grocery store crawl!

No careful planning ahead with recipes. No careful comparing of the ads. I quickly glanced at them in the driveway (before my little girl could get mad at me for buckling her up without actually going anywhere), and in the stores I hastily circled Whole30-friendly items on sale, scooting the cart a few inches forward now and then to keep Little Miss content.

First I went to Fresh and Easy, my absolute favorite grocery store. It’s small (so it’s quick), they don’t use bizarre ingredients (so I don’t get into a moody rage when I try to shop healthy with a squirmy kid in tow), their prices are good, they give me tons of great coupons, their staff is helpful and friendly, and — my favorite part — they have lots of fresh, ready-to-cook, freakin’ delicious gourmet meals ready to go, so I can act like a wifey who has this mostly-stay-at-home thing down even when I am a disorganized Lazy-o. (Their website’s tagline is “The Joy of Not Cooking.”)

Sadly the store may also be going out of business.

Focusing on sale items and using my $5 off $25 coupon, I spent about $21 on this cartful of colorful goodies:

photo (6)

The waffles are not Whole30-approved. They are for my kiddo. They feel good to eat right out of the freezer when she is teething.

The grape popsicles do not have added sugar, so I think they are Whole30-OK. They will be a mess for Little Miss, but maybe a nice little workaround “cheater” item for me? Paleo-approved treats are a no-no, according to the two or three pages of It Starts With Food that I actually read so far, but come on people. This is Lazy-o Paleo.

While I was shopping, I double-checked my Whole30 Shopping List and Googled to confirm something very important:

Green peas are a legume. Legumes are not allowed.

I’m still pretty hazy on what legumes actually are, but green peas are legumes. I’ll share other tidbits as I learn them.

Then I went to Albertson’s. I don’t usually go to Albie’s because I’m a cheap-o as well as a lazy-o, but they did have some good sales.

I was delighted to find this ready-made Whole30-approved delicacy:

photo (7)

Look at all the chopping they did on my behalf! Chopping not only takes time, but it’s darn near impossible when you are the mommy (read: “MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY YOU MUST HOLD ME ALL THE TIME MOMMY!”) to a 14-month-old.

Indeed, they have a whole section of these goodies!:

photo (8)

Oooooooooh… 🙂 I see more visits to Albertson’s in my near future.

At Albie’s I spent about $22 on these goodies, including another Whole30 no-no that Little Miss is nomming up front:

photo (9)

The can you see is actually a stack of five cans of tuna. I wasn’t entire sure at the time that tuna was Whole30-approved (it is, mostly), but it was 88 cents.

I also got organic strawberries on sale — yum! 🙂 And, of course, Ms. Lazeo Paleo got a lot of chopped frozen veggies — no green peas included. 🙂

For breakfast I had a banana, some blackberries, and a couple organic eggs with garam marsala seasoning sprinkled in — and cooked in the microwave. Just put it in an ordinary microwave-safe bowl, whisk it together with a fork, and cook it on high for two minutes or so. Enjoy!

“Real” recipes coming soon!