Easy Green Beans

I’m back! I’ve been away cooking up something AWESOME:


My absence is explained by a long, bizarre list of nausea triggers including computer, tv, and iPhone screens as well as actually healthy food. (Chemical-laden, microwaved Franken-food left me feeling a-okay! Or… at least… it actually stayed in mah belly long enough to get digested. Unlike, you know, vegetables or water or anything else Paleo-friendly.) But now I’m into my second trimester and, most days, I feel pretty great! (And even without quite following Paleo for a while, I became oh-so-slender!)

So, here’s a great recipe I was drafting before The New Baby made his-or-her presence known.


I’ve made this dish several times. I had no idea I could like green beans so much!

This recipe is super quick and easy. It’s so fast to make that I even made it as a snack for myself when I had only 45 minutes left to feed and entertain Mini Me (that is, my firstborn!), put something scrumptious together for dinner, and clean up the kitchen to boot. (I’m being a Domestic Goddess for Halloween this year and need to start practicing.) Do you have any idea how long it normally takes me to cook? Especially since the little one came along? Any prep time estimates on a recipe, I need to multiply it by 2-3. On a good day.


But this recipe really does take only five minutes. Even for me!! 🙂

And it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy. Even my husband says so. And we don’t agree all that often on what is yummy!

Easy Greensy Beansies

(Okay… um… I lost the “recipe,” but it’s pretty easy to wing it. So here’s the recipe, shared in that good old-fashioned style (no exact measurements).)

A dollop of coconut oil
Fresh green beans, ends trimmed 
(you may use frozen green beans if you’re feeling Lazy-o, but fresh really does taste much better!)
A healthy splash of coconut aminoes (a soy sauce substitute)
A spoonful of honey (optional — skip if you’re doing Whole30. The beans will still be delicious without the honey, just a little more zippy.)

1) Heat coconut oil in a pan. The coconut oil lends a really wonderful flavor to the beans.

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2) When the oil is melted, you’re ready to cook the beans. Use fresh beans, frozen in a pinch. (I took these pictures when I was “in a pinch.”)


3) Stir the beans around in your hot coconut oil. Then add your coconut aminoes (aka “Paleo soy sauce”). Stir to coat.


4) If you’re doing Whole30… congratulations, you can skip this step! Otherwise, mellow out some of the zippiness with some honey:


Yes, I live in Santa Barbara County. Be jealous.

Again, stir to coat.

5) The beans are done when they reach the tenderness you desire. Yum yum! Enjoy! 🙂